Battlefield Singleplayer Creator

21 Aug. 2005
New BFSPC version uploaded with the following changes:
-Fixed a bug on Profile window.
-Fixed a bug that occured if capture radius value for controlpoints was over 255.
-Optimized 8bit raw viewer. Now ~7000% faster file loading.

21 Mar. 2005
BFSPC Beta v0.2.0 are now availble for download. See readme.txt in zip file for changes.

19 Feb. 2005
Uploaded BFSPC v0.1.0a. The old version had some errors in coop.con.

29 Jan. 2005
First public beta release of Battlefield Singleplayer Creator.

* Create basic bot support for Battlefield 1942 & Vietnam maps.
* Convert between DDS, BMP, BF-RAW's, 8bits RAW's.
* RFA Packer that can use MakeRFA or rfaPacker to create RFA archives.
* Built in 8Bits pathmap viewer.
* Profiles for different games and mods, so you can customize templates for specific mods.
* Some built in error checking to minimize AI problems and Battlefield crashes.

If you are using an older Windows you could be needing this Visual Basic 6 Runtime to run BFSPC.
If you want to use MakeRFA to pack your maps then you will need this installed: .NET Framework v1.1
If you want to use rfaPack to pack your maps, then you must download Battlefield MDT and install it. rfaPack are included with the MDT.
There are some problems with Secret Weapons of WWII with maps that are using Amphibious vehicles.

The author of this program are not responsible of any damage this application could cause. Use it on your own risk.
Battlefield Singleplayer Creator Beta v0.2.1

Old versions:
Battlefield Singleplayer Creator Beta v0.2.0
Battlefield Singleplayer Creator Beta v0.1.0a
Battlefield Singleplayer Creator Beta v0.1.0

* You must create a new profile for each mod you are using.
* You must unpack your map to be able to use this program with it.
* You DON'T need to have a "\bf1942\levels\MAP_NAME" folder structure.
* Be sure to remove write protection on all files in your map folder before starting to add coop support.
* Battlefield SinglePlayer Forum for help with AI editing.

To contact me (HellishER), you can PM me at Battlefield SinglePlayer Forum
Or download my program and check the about window to get my e-mail address.

Thanks to
Dnamro, CajunWolf, SHADOW KNIGHT, mrwebb, robins111 for beta testing.
FourCentsShy for creating Genpathmaps tool.
Benji for creating botinator, that got me started with editing coop maps.